About Mind Your Own Business

After 20 years of Real Estate Agency in The South of England in both the residential and commercial sectors Grant decided to move to Spain for a quieter life – And is now back in the UK working harder than ever before!

Having been very highly regarded and respected in his profession in England, Grant was often quoted in the press both locally and in the nationals such as the Financial Times, The Times and the Telegraph as well as making a number of appearances on the local and national television news.

News of Grant’s departure from England led to a number of people contacting him in Spain wanting to buy properties and start new lives and businesses, whilst getting help and advice from someone they knew that they could trust.

Grant managed to broker sales of a number of homes and businesses for British ex-pats living in Spain mostly to people leaving England wanting to live the dream!

Then one day out of the blue, Grant received a telephone call from a gentleman wanting to buy a portfolio of business in Spain, he agreed to purchase 20 businesses that Grant had sourced for him and just as he was about to complete all of the purchases, he disappeared! All contact numbers and emails were no longer working he was no longer at his address with his solicitor having no idea where he was!

This left a whole lot of sellers with businesses to sell and so Mind Your Own Business was born in Spain. Ten years and many business sales later, now with over 30 years experience in his profession, Grant returned to England to expand Mind Your Own Business into The UK.

Mind Your Own Business is based on the high quality of service that only many years of Real Estate Agency Experience can provide. Sellers can be assured that their businesses will be advertised regularly  and they are able to call upon advice at any time throughout the transaction, and all dealings are handled personally rather than through a website! Buyers can also be assured of the personal service and can also enjoy the advantages dealing with an old hand!

There are many Real Estate Agents – but how many are Real Real Estate Agents?


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